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    The vegetal series

    A study of light on nature’s products.

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    The old and the less old

    Some more architecture

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    Some memories from Florence

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    Some street shots

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    Padovan bicycles

    Night, day, fog, rain, sun… whatever. Everybody uses a bicycle in Padova and I love it.

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    Retrospective: 'Nature in colour'

    My last series, used as a experimentation field. 

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    First 6 months: My favourite ones

    (In random order)

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    M33: Night and night

    (Padova, Italy)

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    M35: Reflection in a puddle on Christmas time

    (Padova, Italy)

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    M36: Night shadows near Basilica di sant’Antonio

    (Padova, Italy)

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    M38: Two boats in the Mediterranean Sea (From the archives)

    (L’Ametlla de Mar, Catalonia)

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    M39: Path, river and a walker

    (Padova, Italy)

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    M40: Sunset shadows on a wooden bridge

    (Padova, Italy)

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    M41: Lines in a grass field

    (Padova, Italy)